PressProSites Atlanta

Apr 09

PressProSites Atlanta

After moving to Atlanta from Chicago, I decided to create a different kind of Web Development Company.  Web Dev Companies, Developers, Programmers, etc are all over the net. How can you miss them right? So what could I do different then what everybody else was doing. So, I decided to teach how small business can finally take ownership of their own destiny.

Pressprosites at best, is a WordPress Company that teaches YOU how to engage the content of your own site. Small Business Owners don’t have time to sit around and design, and implement their online strategy, too busy trying to keep the business going.  So I decided to not only build custom wordpress sites, but teach the owners how to manage it, long after the site is up and running.

Most site designers (and more importantly) developers, are long gone after the site is up and running. “On to the next client”. The problem: Now you have to pay to fix or add, or edit, or upgrade the site you’ve already paid for. DIY!!!!  We teach you how to take command over your site, save some $$$ and not sit by the phone waiting for the “Web Guy” or “Gal” to call you back.

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